How much I should charge for my services ?

How much I should charge for my services ?

How much I should charge for my services?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions a new coach or service-based entrepreneur must answer…I used to feel anxious just to even say the number to myself !…. I believe this is because we have been so undervalued and we are so used to have society dictate the value of our work and as women that it is difficult to do the math. On the other hand, some will overlook their market and just shoot numbers that are just not aligned!

Here are 3 tips that helped me to start thinking the real value of my services… now I do not expect that you will come up with this number today,  but these questions will help you to head to that direction!

  1. Search for your market? how many people and how much are paying currently?

Search for those services that you are offering…as I mentioned before if you find those services online, then there is a market for your service !.

Now, I must be 100% honest with you, in my personal experience and what I personally encounter is that many accounting services are been outsourced it….so be mindful because maybe yourself will outsource that service in your package!

  1. What are you currently doing?

Be honest with the value of your work…. Does it take you longer to do service X than Z? those it required more research ? is it simple or the production is worth the time spent by you?

By really looking the real worth of your knowledge and your talents, the energy of your work will change too!

  1. Is it a business or charity?

As much I love to give and care for others, my work and knowledge cost me a lot of money, years and energy to just give it away or charge the minimum!

This is where your self-love and money-mindset plays an important role…

When I just started, I will coach and give sessions for way under the market price or even for free!..and one day in one of my most challenging test of my masters I was thinking ( yes in the middle of the test ) waits a minute, I am charging for XX for the time I study, prepared, and paid for my education? and even a class is not close to what I charge for one month !! so everything changed for me at that moment ( I had an A+ on that test if you were wondering ) because only I knew how hard I worked, how much it takes and the energy I put in my service.

I hope this helps you to discover your true numbers!

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