How to find your ideal client ! (3 tips )

How to find your ideal client ! (3 tips )

3 Tips to find your Ideal Client

With all we have to do to open a new business, this is one of the steps I believe is the most challenging and most overseen for new women entrepreneurs.

I know it can be overwhelming and I will say it took me about 2 years or so to really get this right.

But first, we need to have a super clear idea who we will cater and serve.

I am not going to go to deep into this subject because I believe is a very inside job but I want to make sure to first understand the importance of having your ICA ( Ideal Client Avatar ) and secondly start thinking who that might be :

  1. Why is important to have an ICA ?

With so much noise over the internet, and over 1.24 accountants in the US alone ( according to, it is very important to not be the one of many….

And we need to understand this crucial statement :

“ we will not be able to serve everyone “ “and we are not a Nutella Jar …meaning not the whole world will love us or our work” that simple ! so let’s explore these three ways to find your Niche or your dream client.

  1. What specific problem are you solving?

Usually, this comes with your vision in the first place….because if you are thinking to open a business to solve a problem that you observe or you experienced in the past…then that is when you are seeing your vision…

Example, when I was thinking to open a new business online… I questioned myself…well if I was my client what I would like to solve? When I was in need of an accountant what I was looking for? so start searching in your own experiences and see if you already your own ICA three month ago or a year ago.

  1. Search and do not try to reinvent the wheel.

It is easy to be cut upon the comparison train when we start searching for the market you are in and go “well Miss Marla “ is the top in this industry then I have to do something completely unique.

Let me clarify this…

Uniqueness and authenticity are two different things ….

For example, we all Accountants have been taught the same rules and duties of an accountant …I mean is not like Accountant Mary have a different financial statement ( not a unique service ) than me but I the way I provide my service is completely different than that her!

  1. Solve one specific problem-

I know I am repeating this one …and that is because is the most important question you should ask yourself.

Also, before we can solve all the problems of our client, start with just one and most important one.

I believe that in every service that I received, it solves one specific problem: pleasure, business, or personal need.

For example, for us accountant, it will always be accounting solution ..I get it! but if a client is not going to a CPA in their town is because they are in need of a different kind of service or feeling. Let us take a step back and see what our clients are looking for …why are so frustrated it with the current industry, find their demographics such as income, business industry to mention a few!

Finally, think of the real value of your service, if someone can solve them by themselves or they can read a book and solve it …then there is no need for them to hire a Virtual Accountant… I hope you like these simple tips and remember that I want to know you better and know how I can serve you better, so subscribe to my email list where I also share more helpful materials or if you believe this is helpful to someone you love ..please share it!

Remember to stop calling it a dream, call it a plan!

Ps. Check out my video on this :


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